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Dr. Surender Dabas

Vice Chairman of Oncology and
Chief of Robotic Surgery Max Healthcare

Surgical Oncology & Robotic Surgery

MBBS, MS & DNB (Surgical Oncology)

A well-known name as a robotic cancer surgeon in India, Dr. Surender Kumar Dabas specialises in robotic head and neck surgery, trans-oral robotic, robotic GI, thoracic and gynaecological surgeries etc.

Dr. Surender Dabas is best surgical oncologist in India. he is a outstanding mentor and expert in the cutting-edge area of Robotic Cancer Surgery and has vast expertise in neck and head cancers. At present the Dr. Dabas is the Senior Director and HOD of Surgical Oncology and the Chief of Robotics Surgery. His extensive expertise in robotic cancer surgery has been honed through valuable experience.

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Event Event Details Location
Proctoring Tongue base Adyar Cancer Center
Proctoring Thyroidectomy AIIMS Jodhpur
Proctoring Thyroidectomy AIIMS Rishikesh
Proctoring LAR Apollo Indraprasth
Proctoring LAR Apollo Proton
Proctoring Malignant hysterectomy Fortis Mohali
Proctoring Thyroidectomy HCG, Bengaluru
Proctoring Pumonary segmentectomy NH-RTIICS
Proctoring TORS PD Hinduja, Mumbai
Proctoring Thyroidectomy SGPGI, Lucknow
Proctoring Thyroidectomy TMH, Mumbai
Proctoring LAR Zydus Hospital

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Why choose Dr. Surender Dabas as The Best Robotic Cancer Surgeon In Gurgaon

A pioneer in Robotic Head and Neck Surgery in India, Dr. Surender Dabas has an extensive background with Oncology and is an internationally recognized instructor in the field of Robotic Surgery. His main focus in clinical practice is Head and Neck Oncology, Trans-Oral Robotic Surgery, Robotic Gl Surgery, Thoracic Surgery and Gynaecological Surgery. Book an appointment with Dr. Surender Dabas for the best robotic cancer surgeon in Gurgaon.

Dr. Surender Dabas has is actively involved in the teaching of Robotic Surgery throughout India. He has performed the largest amount of Robotic Head and Neck Surgery in Asia. Dr. Surender Dabas has also a number of National and International publications to his name.

Frequently Ask FAQ'S

What is Robotic Cancer Surgery?

According to Dr. Surender Dabas robotic cancer surgery, as the name indicates, is a surgery that is assisted by the robots. The technique can be a great asset as it combines the precision offered by the robots with the skills of the cancer surgeon. The treatment has been found useful in a variety of caners that include prostate and gynecologic cancers to colorectal and head and neck malignancies.
The Robotic cancer surgery offers multiple benefits over the traditional surgery. One of the primary ways that robotic cancer surgery has been useful is how it offers the best treatment with tafaster recovery time.

Is Robotic Cancer Surgery Expensive?

Robotic surgery for the cancer patients is making huge inroads into the realm of cancer treatment options. However, there is an inherent concern among the patients about the surgery. More than the efficiency, the patients and their families are more concerned about the cost of the treatment. So, is robotic cancer surgery expensive?
A famous and best robotic cancer surgeon in Meerut, Dr. Surender Dabas explained to us that it is costly to procure and maintain the robotic cancer treatment systems. However, there is no reason why the robotic cancer treatment can be emore xpensive than the other traditional modes of treatment. Of course, the cost of the robotic cancer surgery is likely to be slightly higher than the traditional surgeries. But that should not be an issue given the fact that hospital stays, fewer complications, and quicker recovery should offset the extra cost.

What Are The Benefits Of Robotic Surgery For Cancer Patients?

Robotic cancer surgery brings a multitude of benefits to the cancer patients. Some of the key advantages that the top robotic cancer surgeon in Rohtak, Dr. Surender Dabas outlined include
  • The best possible precision levels – The precision of robotic surgery lets the surgeons explore the complex anatomy and work with it. This minimizes the damage to the healthy cells.
  • Shorter hospital stays – The robotic surgery is minimally invasive and thus has less recovery time. This will help you return home earlier.
  • Less pain – As opposed to the traditional surgery, robotic surgery does not cause much pain. So you do not need to rely upon the pain medications.
  • No risk of infection – The robotic surgery involves smaller incisions. This will translate into a reduced risk of infection.
  • Improved outcome – The outcomes of the robotic surgery have been observed to be superior to the traditional ones.

What Are the Risks of Robotic Surgery?

Dr. Surender Dabas as the senior robotic cancer surgeon in Muzaffarnagar informed, there may be a few inherent risks involved in the robotic cancer surgery as well. But, they have been observed to be very rare.
Some possible risks can be outlined as –
  • Infection due to the issues with the robotic arms.
  • Damage to the nearby tissues and structures
  • Adverse reactions to anesthesia.
As you would have noticed, there are no risks due to the robotic surgery or the techniques involved. The risks associated with the robotic surgery are common to almost every surgical procedure.



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Dr. Surender Dabas, the best robotic cancer surgeon in India:

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