Vaginal Cancer

Get the best vaginal cancer treatment doctor in Hisar, In most types of cancer, the abnormal cells can continue to grow and multiply without stopping, forming larger masses of tissue that are referred to as tumors or masses. Cancers may also produce their own growth signals, or they can use the signals from other cells to grow more rapidly.

Overview of Vagina Cancers

Vagina is the birth canal that extends from the cervix inside to the vulva outside. Cancer of vagina is extremely rare and is the diagnosis of choice only if the cancer of cervix and vulva is ruled out. Primary cancers of the vagina constitute only 1-2% of cancers of the female genital tract.

Risk factors for vaginal cancer

Risk factors for vaginal cancer include HPV infection, prior treatment history of cervical cancer, prior pelvic radiation therapy, vaginal pre-cancerous lesions, chronic irritation from long standing pessary use and smoking. Primary HPV test is a screening test for vaginal cancer.

Symptoms of Vaginal Cancer

Symptoms include painless vaginal bleeding, postmenopausal bleeding, vaginal discharge, lump in the vagina, bladder symptoms in the form of painful urination, frequency of micturition or rectal symptoms in the form of tenesmus or constipation.

Diagnosis of Vaginal Cancer

Diagnosis of vaginal cancer can be made by visual inspection of the lesion. Definitive diagnosis requires biopsy of the vaginal growth which can easily be done under local anaesthesia on OPD basis. Radiological imaging in the form of MRI/CT/PET CT help in looking for the spread of the disease. Dr. Surender Dabas provides various robotic sugeries for gynaecology such as for uterine cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, & Vaginal Cancer.

Treatment of vaginal cancer

Treatment of vaginal cancer has to be individualised depending on the stage of disease and the site of vaginal involvement and consists of surgery where in the uterus, vagina and pelvic lymph nodes are removed. Advanced cases are treated with definitive radiation therapy.

best vaginal cancer treatment doctor in Hisar

Vaginal Cancer

In few cases with a high tumour burden few cycles of chemotherapy may be given prior to surgery or radiation therapy to downsize the disease and make it amenable to complete surgical removal.