Trans Oral Robotic Surgery

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Overview of Transoral robotic surgery

Transoral robotic surgery is a minimally invasive state of the art technology used for operating head and neck tumours present in areas difficult to access behind the throat and skull base.

In our institute we use the da vinci xi robotic system for performing the surgeries. The Da Vinci Surgical System consists of three components: a surgeon’s console, a patient-side robotic cart equipped with four arms, and a high-definition three-dimensional vision cart.

Articulating surgical instruments are mounted on the robotic arms, which are introduced into the upper aerodigestive tract through the mouth of the patient and manipulated remotely with master robot manipulators from the surgeon’s console.

It involves the use of

  • robotic arms with endoscopes attached to it carrying various instruments like bipolar , monopolar and camera
  • surgeon console- where the operating surgeon operates from
  • FK retractor which is commonly used for visualisation
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TORS is now commonly used for the following

1. Oropharyngeal tumours (Tumours of tonsil , base of tongue - most commonly)

2. Laryngeal tumours ( Tumours of voice box)

3. Hypopharyngeal tumours ( Lower part of throat above the voice box)

4. Parapharyngeal space tumours

5. Skull base tumours

6. Nasopharyngeal tumours ( tumours behind the nose)