Robotic Neck Dissection

Get effective neck dissection surgery in Gurgaon, India. Robotic surgery has revolutionised neck dissection or removal of lymph nodes which is a vital part in the management of head and neck cancer. Lymph nodes in the neck is the first echelon for tumour metastasis in head and neck cancer. Neck dissection can be performed by either conventional or open method and minimally invasive techniques which include laproscopic or endoscopic or robotic techniques. Meet the best robotic surgeon in India

Open neck dissections results in a long and significant scar over the neck. Thus ,endoscopic or laparoscopic methods were improvised but had restricted access to certain areas in the neck. Robotic neck dissections have been practiced over the past few years and we , in our institute perform robotic neck dissections via the modified bilateral axillo breast insufflation technique. This gives excellent cosmetic satisfaction in patients as well as good functional outcomes. Patients who initially ended up with a large scar on the neck , currently with the advent of robotic techniques patient s have no scar on the neck and have retained sensation over the neck.

Neck dissection is a major surgery done to remove lymph nodes that contain cancer. It is done in the hospital. Before surgery, you will receive general anesthesia. This will make you sleep and unable to feel pain.

The amount of tissue and the number of lymph nodes that are removed depend on how far the cancer has spread. There are 3 main types of neck dissection surgery:

  • Radical neck dissection. All the tissue on the side of the neck from the jawbone to the collarbone is removed. The muscle, nerve, salivary gland, and major blood vessel in this area are all removed.
  • A white or red patch on the gums, tongue, or lining of the mouth.
  • Modified radical neck dissection. This is the most common type of neck dissection. All lymph nodes are removed. Less neck tissue is taken out than with radical dissection. This surgery may also spare the nerves in the neck and, sometimes, the blood vessels or muscle.
  • Selective neck dissection. If cancer has not spread far, fewer lymph nodes have to be removed. The muscle, nerve, and blood vessel in the neck may also be saved.

Neck Dissection Surgery

Robotic neck dissection is done using the da Vinci xi surgical system in our institute. It consists of 4 robotic hands also called as endowrist instruments which allows for precise movements , a high definition 3D camera and a console where the surgeon operates the robotic hands.

Patient is given general anesthesia before the procedure followed by port placement to which the robotic hands are connected for surgery. The approach commonly used in our institute is the robotic axillo breast insufflation technique ( carbon dioxide gas is used for insufflation , 3 to 5 mm small incisions over bilateral breast and opposite side axilla and one incision measuring about 1.5 to 2 cm in the axilla of same side). This completely avoids a scar on the neck and also doesn’t compromise with oncological and functional outcome.

Robotic neck dissection is best avoided in cases of large nodal disease with extranodal extension.
Robotic surgery results in fewer complications like surgical site infections , better visualisation , better dexterity as compared to endoscopic approach , lesser pain and blood loss , shorter hospital stay and faster recovery , cosmetically more acceptable (no neck scar). Patient generally gets discharged within 1 to 3 days barring any complications. Patient can expect pain and neck stiffness after the procedure which gets resolved over a period of time with physiotherapy.

Neck Dissection Surgery in Gurgaon