Thyroid Cancer Treatment

Early-stage cancers that haven’t spread can often be treated with surgery. Oue Robotic cancer surgeon in India can remove the tumour or part of the affected organ successfully. Consult Dr. Surender Dabas as the best doctors for thyroid cancer treatment in Gurgaon

Overview of Thyroid

Thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland in front of the neck and plays an important role in production of hormones which regulate body metabolism. The most common reasons for removal of part or whole thyroid gland are the following -

  • 1. Thyroid cancer
  • 2. Non cancerous enlargement like goitre causing either difficulty to breathe or swallow or is overactive
  • 3. Suspicious nodules with inconclusive FNAC
  • 4. Overactive thyroid

Thyroidectomy can be done by either open , endoscopic or robotic techniques. Open surgery results in a scar of about 3 to 6 cm in length over the anterior aspect of neck. Although robotic and endoscopic techniques are cosmetically more superior than open surgery , endoscopic techniques are restricted by reduced visualisation and also most endoscopic approaches involve incision on the neck compared to robotic technique.

Robotic thyroidectomy is a technique developed by doctors in south korea and is now attracting patients world wide due to its superior cosmetic result. There are various approaches for robotic thyroidectomies which has evolved over a period of time , to name a few – transoral ( done through the oral cavity) , retroauricular ( behind the ear ) , transaxillary ( through the axilla ) , axillobreast (through small incisions made in the axilla and breast).

Robotic Thyroidectomy Surgery

Robotic thyroidectomy is done using the da Vinci xi surgical system in our institute. It consists of 4 robotic hands also called as endowrist instruments which allows for precise movements , a high definition 3D camera and a console where the surgeon operates the robotic hands.

Patient is given general anesthesia before the procedure followed by port placement to which the robotic hands are connected for surgery. The approach commonly used in our institute is the robotic axillo breast insufflation technique ( carbon dioxide gas is used for insufflation , 3 to 5 mm small incisions over bilateral breast and opposite side axilla and one incision measuring about 1.5 to 2 cm in the axilla of same side). This completely avoids a scar on the neck and also doesn’t compromise with oncological and functional outcome.

Robotic thyroidectomy is best avoided in cases of advanced thyroid cancer where the cancer has spread beyond the thyroid gland.

Robotic surgery results in fewer complications like surgical site infections , better visualisation , better dexterity as compared to endoscopic approach , lesser pain and blood loss , shorter hospital stay and faster recovery , cosmetically more acceptable (no neck scar). So book you appointment with the best doctors for thyroid cancer treatment in Gurgaon

Best Doctors For Thyroid Cancer Treatment In Gurgaon