Best Head and Neck Cancer Surgery Doctors in Faridabad

Cancer is a disease that perhaps beats every one of us and is seen as the toughest among the disease to live with. Among them, the head and neck cancer has been one of the most tough ones in recent times. Let us embark on a journey of exploring the issues related to head and neck cancer. Understand head and neck cancer warning signs, treatment, and survival clearly in this blog.

What are the warning signs of head and neck cancer?

When it comes to cancer, early detection is the crucial step to help in the successful treatment. One such genre of cancer that would perhaps need attention is the head and neck cancer. As a robotic cancer surgeon in Hisar aptly explains, this group of cancers can affect different parts of the head and neck region. This can include mouth, throat, voice box, and salivary glands.

Some common symptoms and causes of head and neck cancer in the early stages can include a persistent sore throat, Hoarseness of voice, difficulty in swallowing, and lump or mass in the throat. Do note that these signs can also occur even with no cancer. However, if you have any of those head and neck cancer symptoms and causes, it is crucial to get diagnosed.
Head and Neck Cancer Treatment

Can head and neck cancer be cured?

The answer to that question would be dependent on multiple factors. The primary factor is the stage at which the cancer is detected. Some other factors can include the location of the cancer and the overall health of the patient for head and neck cancer treatment. The robotic cancer doctor in Kanpur assures that head and neck cancer can be cured – especially when detected in an early stage. The major treatment options for head and neck cancers can include

The type of treatment is decided by the stage and type of the cancer

What is the survival rate for head and neck cancer?

The survival rate of head and neck cancer is calculated based on the 5-year survival rate. This metric represents the number of people expected to survive for at least five years after treatment. Factors influencing this rate include the patient's age, overall health, and the expertise of their medical team. For those seeking the best outcomes, finding the best Head and Neck Cancer Surgery Doctors in Faridabad is crucial.

On an average, as an expert robotic cancer doctor in Muzaffarnagar informed, the survival rate of all stages of head and neck cancer is likely to be in the range of 65%. However, if detected early, the head and neck cancer survival rate extends to up to 90%. If the cancer has spread to the other parts of the body, the survival rate is much lower.

What is the treatment for neck cancer?

The treatment for head and neck cancer can be based on multiple factors, and there is no one size fits all option available.

Some of the treatment options can include

The use of robotics for the surgeries has been one of the best advancements. It offers a highly minimally invasive treatment option. This will ensure that you have a faster recovery time and less post surgery pain. Our expericed & skilled team of doctors provide various head and neck cancer treatment Trans Oral Robotic Surgery (TORS), Robotic Thyroid Surgery, and Robotic neck dissection

In essence, head and neck cancer is curable, but you need to take care in detecting the cancer in its early stages.

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